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Targeted Classes of Business

  * Restaurant * Hospitality
  * Automotive * Artisan Contractors
  * Light Manufacturing * Farms
  * Professional Services  
Please email all endorsement requests to
Loss Run Report
Please email all loss run requests to
Audit Information
To file a dispute on a final audit, the insured must submit a formal letter of dispute within 30 days of the final audit billing.  We can help you faster if you:
  1. Please indicate specifically what is being disputed.
  2. Write the letter on company letterhead.
  3. Letter must be signed by a company officer.
  4. Provide supporting payroll records.
  5. Please submit the formal letter of dispute by fax or mail.
Waiver of Subrogation
Specific Waiver Rate: 5% of premium with a $250 minimum per waiver.
Blanket Waiver Rate: 2% of premium with a $250 minimum per waiver.
Requests for blanket waivers should be made at the time the bind order is submitted. Blanket waiver requests received after inception will be processed mid-term. In order to consider a blanket waiver, the following information is required:
  1. A list of jobs from the past six months and any prospective jobs. (Please include a brief description of the duties that the employees are performing.)
  2. A description of the safety procedures for employees at the worksite or construction site.
A specific waiver request must be accompanied by a job worksheet and certificates of insurance.  A blank copy of a job worksheet can be found here.
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Claim Services
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