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 Zurich Insurance Company
Admitted "A+" (XV) rated carrier by A.M. Best Company.

Targeted Classes of Business

  * Agriculture * Artisan Contractors
  * Manufacturing * Mercantile
  * Most four-wall exposures * Professional services / Office exposures
  * Not intended for transportation  
Please email all endorsement requests to
Loss Run Report
Please email all loss run requests to
Audit Information
To file a dispute on a final audit, the insured must submit a formal letter of dispute within 30 days of the final audit billing.  We can help you faster if you:
  1. Please indicate specifically what is being disputed.
  2. Write the letter on company letterhead.
  3. Letter must be signed by a company officer.
  4. Provide supporting payroll records.
  5. Please submit the formal letter of dispute by fax or mail.
Waiver of Subrogation
Zurich does not charge for waivers. Requests for blanket waivers should be made at the time the bind order is submitted. Blanket waiver requests received after inception will be processed mid-term. In order to consider a blanket waiver, the following information is required:
  1. A list of jobs from the past six months and any prospective jobs. (Please include a brief description of the duties that the employees are performing.)
  2. A description of the safety procedures for employees at the worksite or construction site.
Effective 12.1.2010 and later: American Claims Management (ACM)
Effective 11.30.2010 and prior: First Health,
Claim Services
For policies effective 12.1.2010 and later: For policies effective 11.30.2010 and prior:
American Claims Management Zurich North America
P.O. Box 85251 P.O. Box 92566
San Diego, CA 92186 Los Angeles, CA 90009-2566
Tel: 866.671.5042 Claim Reporting Tel: 800.987.3373
Fax: 619.744.5030 General Inquiries Tel: 800.338-3160
Email: Fax: 877.962.2567
Customer Service and Billing Information
Arrowhead General Insurance Agency Inc.
PO Box 9007
Carlsbad, CA 92018-9007
Tel: 866.401.2111
All payments, except for deposits, should be paid and mailed to Singlepoint Insurance Services, Inc.