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   FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Q1: How do you prefer submissions to be transmitted to you? Mail? FAX? E-Mail?
A1: We very much prefer submissions to be transmitted by e-mail; however, we readily accept submissions transmitted by FAX or Mail.
Q2: May we use the Workers' Compensation Supplemental Application Form of our choice?
A2: No. Most carriers will accept the Singlepoint Supplemental Application Form (click here).
Q3: What rates of commission does Singlepoint pay?
A3: Our rates of commission vary depending on premium size and whether or not we have to reduce our gross commission in order to compete more favorably. For typical commissions, click here.
Q4: Does Singlepoint charge an administration fee?
A4: Yes. Typically, Singlepoint charges an administration fee of 1% with a minimum fee of $500. Our administration fee may vary from policy to policy depending on premium level and anticipated service requirements (e.g., waivers of subrogation, certificates of insurance, exposure changes, ...). Our administration fee is fully earned at policy inception.
Q5: Do Producing Brokers pay gross or net (of their commission)?
A5: Since we must pay our carriers gross (i.e., the full amount of the deposit amount without deduction for commission), Producing Brokers must remit gross to us. Further, interim (i.e., other than deposit) premium payments and final audits are direct bill from the carrier to the insured. Producing Brokers will receive their commission from Singlepoint approximately 45 to 60 days from the end of the month in which a transaction was effective.
Q6: Do you require the insured to sign application forms?
A6: For quotation purposes, we do not require the insured to sign application forms. However, if we bind an account, we do require the insured to sign application forms and deliver them to us within one week of the binder effective date. NOTE: Application forms means the Workers' Compensation Application Form and the Workers' Compensation Supplemental Application Form.
Q7: May I bind coverage on behalf of Singlepoint and their underwriters?
A7: Producing Brokers have no binding authority and shall act only in the exclusive capacity of an "Insurance Broker" as defined by Section 33 of the California Insurance Code. Coverage can only be bound by Singlepoint after Singlepoint has received authorization to bind from its underwriter (e.g., Insurance Company of the West).
Q8: How may a Producing Broker request a binder or coverage modification?
A8: Requests for binders and coverage modifications must be received by Singlepoint by means of hard copy media via personal delivery, express delivery, mail, facsimile, or e-mail. Requests by telephone conversation, voice mail message, or other nonwritten media are unacceptable unless confirmed by means of hard copy media (see above).
Q9: Will Singlepoint provide loss runs, Bureau XMOD worksheets, Bureau inspections, loss control reports, and other similar reports to Producing Brokers.
A9: When our underwriter sends us these types of reports we routinely send them to our Producing Brokers. If a Producing Broker cannot wait for routine handling, a request for special handling should be sent to one of our Broker Representatives. NOTE: Bureau XMOD worksheets, Bureau inspections, and much more are available from the WCIRB directly.